Deer Hunting in Oklahoma: Where Did All the Deer Go?

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hunting3H 30M
  • John's avatar

    Hang in there, it’ll come together 🦌

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @John thanks, it’s a good thing I’m patient 😁

  • Aaron's avatar

    See all mine from 9 to 1 today

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @Aaron nice, I will have to probably switch it up just evenings are better with my work schedule on weekdays

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @Randy Pennington 😂 I sit out there thinking what are my neighbors feeding them cause I damn near have a buffet out lol

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @Randy Pennington thanks, hope you get one too

  • Ralph's avatar

    Still a pretty picture young lady! Hang in there the rut hasn't started yet you'll get one

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @Ralph thanks, I’m determined and patient 😊

  • Ralph's avatar

    @LeEtta that's what it takes hand in there

  • Aaron's avatar

    @LeEtta hunt the moon it’s hard to get in the habit but it will pay off

  • Ramon's avatar

    @LeEtta I still envy the fact that your able to go hunting I’m stuck in college and all I get to hunt is books at the library

  • LeEtta's avatar

    @Ramon hopefully you can get out soon and hunt, maybe during thanksgiving or Christmas break?

  • stoney's avatar

    i’m looking for a place around stillwater just to bow hunt.

  • stoney's avatar

    @stoney if any one knows a place let me know plz

  • Will's avatar

    It'll make it even better when you do get him and you will get one hunting as hard as you are. Stay with it 👍

  • Derek's avatar

    You’ll get there. Patience is everything 👍🏻😊☘️🏹🏹

  • Cary's avatar

    So true

  • Jim's avatar

    32 degrees would feel like a heatwave right now. Its 5 degrees -12 degrees windchill. Oklahoma can have some dangerous weather.

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LeEtta B


Enjoying life one day at a time. My passions are fishing, kayaking, hiking and bow hunting.

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