Deciding Whether to Shoot this Promising Buck

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Question For The Community
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    Hey Brody, welcome to the GoWild Fam!
    Not sure where this buck is (if he runs property you have access to), but he has a double split brow tine.....little things about him make me think he's an older buck, but obviously no way to tell for certain from a photo. I'd be thrilled if he were on any property I had access to....and would let him pass along more of his genes to the next generation...but as sure as you pass him up (you bow or gun hunt?), someone will take him down and give it no thought.
    Welcome to the community

  • Robert's avatar

    Do you have any other shooters?

  • Brody's avatar

    Yeah have a lot of others like him

  • Brody's avatar

    I hunt with a bow mostly

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    Then he must be passing along those genes well

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    Honestly your the only one that can answer that question. My opinion is that when I'm in the stand and behind the trigger, whatever animal makes my heart race I am proud to take. The term shooter buck really depends on what you deem a shooter the moment he steps out at 30 yards. Good luck this season and welcome to the family.

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    @Wayne totally agree

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    @Brody like my daughter says if it makes your heart beat fast and your happy with him take him. Have a great time!

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Brody D


I have an addiction to deer hunting

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