Deciding Whether to Shoot or Pass on a Mid Michigan 4pt

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    Pass, unless you need the meat.

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    I agree pass

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    If you want to grow big deer pass. If you want meat, shoot.

  • @Chris any thoughts on culling bucks for better genetics?

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    That depends on a lot of factors. In the thumb area of Michigan that’s a monster. At least it was when I was much younger. What kind of property, what’s around you, how much pressure, are other hunters willing to work with you on building better bucks.

  • Frank's avatar

    If he gets you fired up man take him

  • @Chris you’re right there. He is a monster from when I was a kid 👍

  • @Chris he’s at least 2yrs. We had him on Camera last year. Guessing he is going to be just a little thicker this year. Pretty much identical tho

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