Debate: Are Trail Cameras Justifiable? Is Technology Making Hunting Too Easy?

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    Might be a bit of an advantage but you still got to kill it.

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    @E I don’t disagree… just conversation! And hey if it’s legal in your state and what ever you harvest makes you happy! Then that’s all that matters!!

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    @Rambling exactly

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    I think it does make patterning the deer a little easier but they are still wild animals you still have to beat there eyes ears and nose. And on a side note I think trail cameras save hundreds and hundreds of younger bucks and does, because when you get a picture of a giant you may pass on smaller deer

  • Rambling's avatar

    @Lane well said! I know I have deer on trail cam that I pass up because I’ve seen bigger!

  • Rachel's avatar

    I agree with @Lane I had a target Buck and bought a trail camera and still took me two months to get that joker. Just when I thought I had him figured out he would change up last minute

  • Rambling's avatar

    @Rachel been there before! lol Glad you got’em!

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