Dealing with a Coyote Problem on My New Hunting Property: Trail Camera Captures Disturbing Images

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    Man, that's wild! I've always been on the side of the coyotes. I feel that they are extremely misunderstood. Yes, they kill game, especially small game, and they definitely can cause problems for livestock and on occasion some large game animals. I find that it's extremely rare though. They aren't wolves. I always typically disagree with people who want to kill every coyote they ever see. But, you have some pretty clear evidence here of a coyote at least putting a chase on a deer. I have so many questions that we can't answer with this photo, but that really is shocking to me. Don't know what to tell you, brother.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Kinda with Derek on this one, you'll have a very hard time killing enough coyotes to put a dent in them unless it becomes your new hobby and you trap a lot. I'd say just shrug it off and know you're sharing the woods with another deer eater.

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    But if you're feeling up for it, Fleming Traps is the website for you!

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    Thats a crazy game cam photo. You may not have a coyote problem, that could have just been a transient coyote moving through the area. However, I will say that nature has to be kept in balance and due to the decline of the trapping industry the coyote population has grown in many areas. I dont beleive this means you kill everyone you see because there is a balance to maintain. But I do take out at least 2-3 a year either when seen or through trapping. I do it to help the fawns out during the spring and I do the same thing for other predators such as raccoons, possums, and foxes to help out the Turkey nests. Just my technique.

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    @Derek I definitely did it double take at that photo!

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    @Kyle thanks brother. If I get the opportunity I will probably take one but you can't blame them for wanting to eat.

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    @Jon I think I will apply that theory and take one out if I get the chance. I've seen some pretty big coyotes on the trail cameras.

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