Day 7 Colorado Opener: Battling Rain, Hail, and a Search for Bucks

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hunting12H 0M
  • Eric's avatar

    Man, I am loving this day by day narrative. Definitely looking forward to reading through the rest of the adventure.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Eric I really appreciate that Eric! Spoiler alert, the next one will be the best😎

  • Eric's avatar

    @Mike I’ll be looking forward to it for sure! I love the idea of western hunts, and though I like the thought of muleys, there is something about elk that is the dream for me. A trip like that though, I could come home with nothing but what I brought out there and it would still be well worth it. One day…one day.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Eric make it happen bro! Every western hunt I’ve been on was worth it, whether I filled the tag or not. My first bull and first mule deer buck will be burned into my memory forever, but I have so many more experiences that were good enough to satisfy me had I never touched the trigger.

  • Eric's avatar

    @Mike one day it’ll happen. I am starting to look into the point systems and whatnot and will start banking preference points where applicable. It’ll be a few years, but I am planning on pulling it all together. I look forward to the trips and should I be so fortunate, the harvest of whatever I am after. I think I will be in the same boat as you though should I not touch that trigger. Just an appreciation of beautiful places and awesome experiences. Sorry to half hijack your post here today, but thank you for sharing and bearing with me through it lol.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Eric bro, that’s what this platform is for👊. Any way I can help, I’d be glad too 👍

  • Frank's avatar

    Enjoying the story so far👍🏻

  • Mike's avatar

    @Frank 👊

  • Amy's avatar

    So cool! Even though you’ve had adversity.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Amy makes the good things even sweeter👊

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