David's 60# Recurve Bow.

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  • Cameron's avatar

    What’s the difference between Bear recurves and yours?

  • David's avatar

    @David Buttry thanks brother

  • David's avatar

    @Cameron Well Bear is tried and true designs but not nearly as customizable/personalized I guess would be a start. Bear will get you shooting and allow you to say “Bear” to your friends. My bows you can order to your desired specs and requirements and they arguably shoot just as well as far as comfortably and consistently getting good groupings is concerned. My stock bows are basically all one offs that I’m just trying to push myself and improve my craftsmanship. Hope that helps a bit.

  • Cameron's avatar

    @David Gotcha. Was wondering. Thank you.

  • Shawn's avatar

    how much does one like that cost? I don't know much about recurve bows

  • David's avatar

    @Shawn That one is currently $1350 on my website but they can vary depending on woods and details. This one should be listed as more with the limb pad work and some of the other details but I’m just trying to move bows and get my name out there atm. They generally start from about $1150 and go up from there. I make them custom to your desired specs and woods. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Shawn's avatar

    that is beautiful craftsmanship. I'm a woodworker to

  • David's avatar

    @Shawn Well thank you fellow woodworker.

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David M


Traditional bow hunter, provider, protector. Father. Small Biz - Custom Bows and furniture www.mayburydesigns.com

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