First Deer Hunt: A Memory

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    We waited for about an hour and there was a visible rain cloud over his head inside that blind. When we decided to call it a morning we checked for blood and to both of our surprise there it was, I jelly like deep red splotch of blood on a leaf. The rain cloud instantly disappeared, and he wanted to track it right away, but I was able to explain that it was better that we back out and come back after noon. We went and ate McDonald's breakfast, hit up fleet farm, and went back out to the woods. The boy was itching to get after his dear. Before we started tracking u used a tip I heard from either Mark Kenyon or Tony Peterson from the wired to hunt podcast and took some toilet paper with to mark the trail because I figured with the way the blood looked it might have been liver. So we tracked and dropped a squared here and there and as the blood trail was drying up, I asked him to stay behind to mark the last place we had blood, I went forward and found nothing but as I turned around to come back I noticed a huddled mass across the creek pinned to a tree. I came back and gave him the biggest hug ever and pointed out his buck and the sheer glee on his face reminded me what hunting was all about. He wanted to run over to the deer but I reminded him not to rush up on a wounded animal. We got his buck after a 350yd track job, and he was so proud. But that didn't compare to the pride I had in him for sticking it out, busting his butt in the early season, putting in the work and capitalizing on an opportunity. So many great lessons learned that day not only by a new hunter for life, but for me as well. Lesson one, never expect things to follow the game plan 100%, lesson 2, always be prepared to have the crap scared out of you from an unexpected shot, lesson 3 always bring toilet paper

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    Great story! Congrats to your son!!

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love this! This is what it’s all about!

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    Awesome story, congratulations to you both!

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    That’s awesome!!!

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Darrin D


Hunting whitetail deer is my number one passion of the outdoors and everything that goes with it, but I also enjoy fishing, bird hunting, riding atv, really anything that gets me out of the house and out in nature and exposing my kids to the gifts of the outdoors every step of the way.

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