Ducks Flourish in Early Freeze.

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  • Tom's avatar

    That is some beautiful green.

  • John's avatar

    I haven’t duck hunted in years, but man that gets me excited seeing! How’s your season been?

  • Dane's avatar

    @John haha it will get your blood pumping. The opening split and last full week of December were as good as it’s been here in several years. This past weekend was tough with a full moon and it being fairly warm. Had a couple good backwater hunts though. Just waiting for the change in moon phase and extra rain to move the birds around.

  • John's avatar

    @Dane sounds like y’all have had a blast! Good luck the rest of season man 👊

  • Dane's avatar

    @John thanka

  • Dane's avatar

    @John thanks man! Great to hear from you

  • John's avatar

    @Dane you too man! It’s been a long time! How’s the grain industry business going? With the low river levels, it was interesting this fall.

  • Dane's avatar

    @John the river really made things tough for a while and still dealing with some issues from it. There were a few closures, new businesses, and mergers which can be tough. I’m sure you’re aware of one near you. Some contract disputes on top of elevators getting full with no place to move grain was wild. Throw in the drastic swings in the market and low yields in areas, like you said it made for an interesting year.

  • John's avatar

    @Dane it’s definitely been interesting! I know my cousins are hauling again pretty regularly now. Was in Ohio county at the in-laws over the weekend & the Green river is right at its banks now. Can go from one extreme to the other pretty quick. Yeah we where pretty surprised around here with some of the yields. During the summer, at one point I just thought my little farm was going to burn up. If you told me it was going to make anything at all I would’ve called you a lier! I don’t know how but it ended up doing decent for the year.

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