Learning to Hunt Public Land

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  • Rob's avatar

    You are on the right track! Scout more = more opportunities

  • Mason's avatar

    Good luck! Keep grinding, it’ll pay off!!👍🤞🦌

  • David's avatar

    Take all you have learned and apply it to next time. Definitely more scouting especially on public land. Don't get discouraged, get more determined.

  • james's avatar

    Hey any chance you was at the Taylorsville lake quota hunt?

  • Dan's avatar

    @james I was! were you out there?

  • james's avatar

    @Dan I was seen one truck with a GoWild sticker in a spot I was thinking would be good, overall my time this weekend sucked there was a lot of sign but to many hunters and only deer I seen was in restricted areas.

  • Dan's avatar

    Black Truck was my truck, over at the Ashe Creek(sp?) parking

  • james's avatar

    @Dan yea that was it did you see any deer over there. I talked to several people who didn’t see any.

  • Dan's avatar

    @james I saw one doe, but lots of fresh scat and tracks. I didn't see anyone hauling out of my section or any gut piles. WMA guy at the check-in said they plan on developing that area more next season.

  • james's avatar

    @Dan it looked like the best I could find without going to briar ridge the spot I found has a lot of sign and big rubs but didn’t see anything

  • Mike's avatar

    At least you already look good!🤣👊

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Dan H

eCommerce Operations Director @ GoWild Using the app to become a better hunter and fisherman. Trying to figure out the best way to utilize public land and waterways.

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