Customizing a Gun Case for my Western Rifle Setup: Eylar Gun Case Review

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    How much are one of those bad boys? Always in need of a good case.

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    @James $189.99 or $125.99 for what they call “Renewed”, which is a slightly imperfect finish. I went with the renewed because I know I’m gonna scratch it anyways. Can’t find a flaw anywhere on it🤷🏼‍♂️. They come in 5 different colors. Triple foam padded. This is the 48” version. Multiple carry handles and super solid roller wheels. FAA approved with reinforced lock points. Solid deal…

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    @James another secret before buying anything online. Sign up for their newsletter or emails and get anywhere from 10 to 25% off your first purchase, depending on the retailer. they get to be a pain in the butt, just unsubscribe.

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    I wouldn’t have a rifle upside down in a case.

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    @Mike thanks for the tip I’ll have to look into these. Was looking into the new Magpul cases with that grid technology, but I believe they are way more than that.

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    @James I have an Elkton double insulated cooler that I paid $239 for. If it said Yeti on the emblem, it would have been $699. The emblem is the only difference I can tell. I’m betting this is the same.

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    @Mike I have several coolers I take up in the Adirondacks…. One of which is a yeti…. And it by far is my least favorite of my coolers

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    @Mike looks like a really nice case! Never even heard of Eylar, will need to check it out. 👍

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    What’s the western rifle

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    @Mason I have no idea how long they’ve been around, but they have a variety of products that seem to be legit

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    @Joshua Rem 700 LSS in 7mmRemMag.

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Mike L


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