Crossbow Hunting: A New Trend?

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  • Nicholas's avatar

    not me
    still using 20-year-old phantom

  • Bruce's avatar

    Went to a crossbow some years ago, bad shoulders. Looks identical to the one in the pic.

  • Nathan's avatar

    I’m hoping to put off going to a crossbow for as long as possible. I work on strength, and mobility often.

  • Still use my compound but I use a crossbow with my kids to get them in the woods during archery season as well.

  • I still have my compound. I try every year. I’m in therapy now for another shoulder issue. Maybe I’ll be able to shoot archery this year.

  • Bowtech Carbon knight

  • Joe's avatar

    I’m still using my 2007 Bowtech Guardian. I’d actually like to try traditional archery. I’ll go to a crossbow when I’m old and can’t pull a bow back anymore

  • Bruce's avatar

    @Joe I started at 70 am now 81 going on 82 not a bit ashamed .

  • Brian's avatar

    Hunting is hunting as long as it’s ethical and legal. I still hunt compound. Mathew’s Traverse. But my kids use crossbows. Not able to pull the legal 30 pounds needed to hunt compound in MD. But, crossbow gets them out and hunting and off the video games. Better to teach them outdoor things than the trash on the tv these days. Most of its lies anyway. Just the government trying to control our lives.

  • Brian's avatar

    I use both, compound and crossbows

  • Dave's avatar

    I am since I blowed everything out my shoulder

  • Switch to this year. Love the compound, but I don’t have time to keep my skills up.

  • When guys ask me if I’m a bow hunter. I say “ no , I’m a deer hunter”

  • Frank's avatar

    Went to crossbow for a couple years for shoulder problems got it mostly fixed sold the crossbow and went back to compound. Honestly I hated the shooting the crossbow I killed a few deer with it just didn’t like it.

  • Andy's avatar

    I switched back and forth after each kill but that lasted for a few years until I went 100 xbow 4 years ago

  • @Frank shooting a crossbow sucks. I love shooting compound. So enjoyable. I’m in therapy now trying to get the shoulder ready for archery season. We ll see how it goes

  • Frank's avatar

    @Chappel there is sometimes about letting an arrow fly especially on an animal that does something for me. Good luck hopefully you get fixed back up so you can do what you want!

  • Chris's avatar

    I use both, was having shoulder problems for a few years and switched to a crossbow but found there were things I liked about both.

  • Thomas's avatar

    I use both if I’m shooting well I will hunt with my compound if I’m struggling with accuracy I switch to my crossbow rather then risk wounding a deer

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