Creating Memories: Quality Time Ice Fishing with My Son

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    Good for him, I have some memories of when I took my kids ice fishing, I got a little heater for the shack and all they wanted to do was huddle around it till they got a

  • Brian's avatar

    That was 30 years ago and my shack was made out of heavy canvas, the ones these days are a lot lighter and better insulated.

  • Ronnie's avatar

    Yes sir I love Ice fishing he has a blast going out with me

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Brian do you still go ice fishing

  • Brian's avatar

    I haven't been out in a couple of years now, the place I always went to had the levee break and drained it.

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Brian o wow that sucks

  • Brian's avatar

    @Ronnie I might go to Wisconsin one of these days, I know a couple of lakes up there I used to fish.

  • Jim's avatar

    Good job little man!! 👊 GoWild

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Jim thanks

  • Scott's avatar

    That smile says all that needs to be said. Congrats on the lifelong memories. The fish is just a added bonus!

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Scott ABSOLUTELY thank you

  • Jarrell's avatar

    Nice catch! Always good to see young ones out partaking in the outdoors

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Jarrell yes sir he loves it he goes to the woods with me checking trail cams fillen the feeders fish he does it all and loves it

  • Jim's avatar

    Taught well!! Good job Dad!! 👊

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Jim hey man thanks 😊

  • Kevin's avatar

    Awesome memories y’all are making 👍 keep up the good work

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Kevin yes sir absolutely and thank you

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Ronnie D


I’m a avid hunter and fisherman I hunt Squirrels rabbits deer and turkey I am a happily married man with wonderful kids just got my daughter her first deer a few seasons ago my wife and kids are my everything I love them all deeply

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