Creating a Grappling Hook for Bird Retrieval: Fun Welding Project for Father and Son

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  • Brett's avatar

    Nice job!

  • John's avatar

    When I wood duck hunt the creeks by me I just use a 3ft radius cast net. Works like a charm.

  • Kevin's avatar

    @John that's perfect! Unfortunately we had a few drop into slews and one into a 12 foot deep pond... it was a water bottle on a rope pain the ass. But now we are better prepared and it was a fun project for him

  • John's avatar

    @Kevin some times when I’m hunting where I don’t want to go get them I bring a fishing pole and a top water lure and it works great too

  • Kevin's avatar

    @John that would have been easier for sure!

  • John's avatar

    @Kevin a kayak anchor is a good idea for it too

  • Michael's avatar

    I like to take a fishing pole with me with one of these beauties tied on

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Michael The three inch terrible treble, I like the addition of fishing in the mix

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Kevin H


I've only been hunting since 2012 but I've been blessed enough to have great success with rifles, shotguns and bows. I'm happy to hunt everything from quail and pheasant to boar, deer, bear you name it. It's a hunters life for me! Have fun, enjoy the wild and eat well. There's no where else I'd rather be, especially if my kids join me on the adventure!

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