Long Beards Teasing: Spring Ahead!

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  • Danny's avatar

    Been seeing them on my Ga lease too. Down home in Fl ever since the cold snap at Christmas they’ve been everywhere. Even seen a few strutters as it has warmed up

  • Craig's avatar

    @Danny last season was really tuff up here, they were pretty quite . Didn’t see but just a couple of mature birds, saw a decent number of jakes, didn’t get a bird. I have a small place and haven’t had any gobblers roosting on it for a couple of years. This season looks to be more promising.

  • Danny's avatar

    @Craig Good luck this spring. We do not have turkey rights on our Ga lease which sucks but the deer hunting is good. I am fortunate enough to have some private property to hunt in the spring close to home. My daughter and I usually get 2-3 birds total every spring

  • Craig's avatar

    Good luck to both of you this upcoming Spring

  • Wade's avatar

    I love deer hunting but turkey hunting is my passion

  • Craig's avatar

    @Wade me too

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Craig M


Retired, love God, my family,grandkids are the best,the outdoors, dogs, deer hunting, quail and dove, outdoor photography and turkey hunting . Spending as much time as I can with all the grandchildren keeping them outdoors and learning about the things around them and how special it is for them to grow up around the farm and woods.

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