Crafting a Sacred Sequoia Redwood Case: A Woodworker's Journey

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  • Zach's avatar

    Can’t wait to see the finished product…that’s a pretty slab

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    @Zach I’ll be sharing pics along the way.

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    Worked a job doing demo at Moffett field in CA in 15. Hangar 1. Blimp hangar that was turned into shops, offices… all the wood was redwood and the 1st building I tore in to w an excavator had some of the most beautiful wood I’ve ever seen, broke my heart. It was all loaded with PCB’s and other contaminates, was decided it wasn’t cost effective to reclaim it. Terrible to see it scrapped to be buried somewhere. All that old growth from the 50’s they used gone…

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @Arne heartbreaking is a good way to describe that. I had am similar instance with an old home demo. In a study, there were bookshelves made of solid black walnut. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. I was gifted as much as I wanted. This was pre-Gobller Knob Longrifles or I’d have taken it all! I took enough for some handgun grips…

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My name is Rick Larnerd. I’m a United States Army Infantry and law enforcement veteran since 1987. I am a retired Pennsylvania game warden. I am now a custom maker of high-end Pennsylvania longrifles and decorative game calls. I’ve been “Recreating 18th Century Americana” as Gobbler Knob Longrifles since 2000.

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