Proud Parenting Moment: Venison Wins!

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  • Zach's avatar

    That's awesome. You're raising them right!

  • Covering's avatar

    @Zach Amen brother! The way I think of it is, if they grow up eating wild game then they won’t think wild meat taste “weird”. This is how meat is supposed to taste. I think it’s working so far!

  • Seth's avatar

    Well DONE sir!!

  • Dustin's avatar

    Well done! My girls are similar. When my oldest had her 4 year birthday she requested duck for her birthday dinner 👊🏻👊🏻

  • Covering's avatar

    @Seth Thanks man! It’s been tough keep our meat wild as the last two years I’ve come up empty handed. But luckily I have some good friends and family that have shared their successes with me.

  • Covering's avatar

    @Dustin That’s just awesome man! Gotta get the next generation out there and involved! I was able to take my two oldest (6 and 4) hunting with me once this season and they loved it. No shots, but saw some deer about 100 yards out at last light. That kept them intrigued.

  • Seth's avatar

    @Covering I hear that! I missed 4 deer this year, tagged none. But thankfully my step son harvested his first archery buck(deer) and my father shared two of his harvests with us. I have enough venison to get us to next year despite my historically poor shooting

  • Covering's avatar

    @Seth I’ve been gun hunting for about 8 years and now hunting for 2 years. The last 2 years has taught me that hunting is hard! 😂 Also, as I have more kids, the meat doesn’t go nearly as far! 1 deer used to get me and my wife thru the year, now I have 4 kids under 6 years old and we need about 3 deer 😔. I can only assume I’ll need more as they get older and eat more!

  • Tom's avatar

    My daughter is the same way to this day. She’s a married school teacher and still prefers venison. When she was little and sleeping in the morning and I would start frying up some venison she would wake up and come running down stairs.

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Three bowhunters (Greg/Kasen/Matt) looking to eat wild and learn from our experiences!

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