Tougher Penalties Needed for Poaching

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    Amen brother

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    I agree 👍

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    Corey, you are spot on. All states that are members of the Wildlife Violator Compact can penalize these thieves in their respective states, but you’re correct. They’re already poaching. A revocation of their privileges will only save them the money for licenses. It does nothing to deter their scumbag activities. Unfortunately, most jurisdictions treat wildlife crimes as “victimless” and are not handled as harshly as they need to be. I devoted my adult life to chasing and catching these dregs of society. I’ve seen this far too often. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Just like any so called gun control laws, the criminals, in this case poachers don't follow the laws. Taking away licenses and hunting privileges will not stop them. Till the penalties are very serious this will just continue.

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Corey W


Hunter and Fisher of big and little critters-so long as they is good eatin. I like hunting and fishing, exploring places I’ve never been, artifact hunting, camping, archery, flintlocks and blackpowder, early American history and reenacting, primitive outdoors. Spending time with my wife and children. I’m a musician. Ive played and performed guitars and vocals in a band for over 20 years. I love guitars and music and recording gear. I’m a luthier by trade...(builder and repairer of stringed instruments). Grew up at a mountain ranch in the NW that had no electricity and the water was from the creek behind the house. Mom used a wood cook stove and we raised cattle and hogs. My home is Eastern Montana. Public land hunter.

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