Cooking Up Delicious Venison Pasties for Deer Season: A Michigan Tradition

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cooking & smoking BBQ2H 0M
  • Chris's avatar

    I’m so proud

  • Derek's avatar

    @Chris ha! I knew you'd enjoy this post.

  • Chris's avatar

    @Derek be careful you might be farting like a tuba at the back of the band

  • Derek's avatar

    @Chris I'm trying this new thing this year. It's a mixture of fresh cows milk, some sweet sap from a mature maple and a blend of yeast and barley. Then some other small ingredients.

  • Chris's avatar

    @Derek “aho”

  • Jon's avatar

    Looks good Derek. They pay you extra to be the camp chef.🤣🤣

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jon I wish!

  • Noah's avatar

    Yum I’ll take one lol

  • Jim's avatar

    Ya buddy!! Making me proud!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jim this is definitely for all my Michigan friends! Thank you.

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Derek they're pretty popular in Butte, MT too. It's a mining town that goes way back. They're Cornish hand pies if you look in really old Old World cookbooks. They are so good!

  • The Ground Up's avatar

    That looks and sounds amazing 🤩

  • Wes's avatar

    @Jeff yep. Cornish and Welsh.

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Derek T


Part time at GoWild, full time Firefighter/EMT. Love spending time worshipping God in the outdoors doing all things from hunting, fishing, trapping and much more. Passionate about wildlife conservation.

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