Cooking up a Herb and Balsamic Bacon Wrapped Wild Turkey Breast on the Cumberland Plateau

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cooking & smoking BBQ1H 30M
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    Very nice! The snow was nice to look at for a day or two but I'm not mad it's gone. Believe it or not I heard spring peepers while taking Bridger on a squirrel hunt just a day or two after it melted.

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    @Appalachian Kaleb you've driven our hill a few times. We were pretty much stuck here. Plenty of food in the house and nowhere old retired folks had to go. So we kinda enjoyed it. Well, until we had pipes freeze. The lake froze over and old timers here said that was the first time they ever saw that. Now a week later hearing peepers is kinda crazy, but doesn't surprise me. We had flying insects on our porch. Glad you are still getting out a little with the additions to your family. Congrats by the way. Sure you two have your hands full. 😃 🤪

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    @Dwayne it sure is, I always say it gets colder on that end of the county. Frozen pipes are a pain, it happened to my in laws as well. Our power went out and i had to run the buddy heater for a while. I was surprised to see Tansi frozen over as well.

    Thanks, Definitely got our hands full but Momma told us we needed to get out of the house since we were getting cabin fever and driving her crazy, we went to visit cousins in Tellico and do a little crappie fishing today

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Dwayne T


Just an old man who has moved into retirement hoping for more time now to do what he enjoys.

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