Cooking Beaver with Love

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butchering & field work1H 0M
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    Beaver. The other white meat

  • Chris's avatar

    Never had beaver what does it compare to in taste?

  • Jess's avatar

    What is the comparison taste for it. Never tried but have heard it is good.

  • Derek's avatar

    It is a lot like beef in my opinion. Cooks real well and takes on flavors very easily. I like to cook the backstrap much like a venison backstrap. The legs are good when thrown in a crock pot or a smoker. You can also use the meat to make all kinds of stews and soups.

  • Jose's avatar

    That is great

  • Heather's avatar

    @Jess it is similar to venison or beef...only better!

  • Heather's avatar

    @Chris venison or beef only better!

  • Heather's avatar

    @Derek it does taste a lot like beef...only better in my opinion

  • Jess's avatar

    @heatheriverson good to know.

  • Derek's avatar

    @Heather id agree! I'm hoping my beaver traps will start to produce soon! I'm getting low on what I currently have in the freezer.

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