Conquering the Wild: My First Lion Hunt with Hounds and a Costly Setback

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    That stink so bad man!! So sorry to here that. Congrats on the kill though.

  • Billy's avatar

    That’s just so wrong, I have no idea what’s wrong with people. I hope your able to recover your thing and the thieves are locked up for a very long time. I’m really sorry to hear this happened to you!!!

  • Bruce's avatar

    I truly believe whoever did it will get what’s coming to them. Congratulations on the hunt by the way.

  • EPIC's avatar

    Dang man.....that stinks. Its the hardest thing in the world to do but I've found praying for the individual who did the wrong does two things for me....takes me outta myself and releases my need to take responsibility for justice. Cause Lord knows it would have to be Him alone who stopped me if I was in your position and I was to catch whom ever did it. Praying that even if you don't get it back, you'll be blessed with better equipment

  • EPIC's avatar

    I also realize the above stamens are not everyone's perspective and that's ok. Just wanted to acknowledge that!

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the kill Billy! Man that absolutely stinks about your stuff getting stolen! Some folks are just worthless. There is nothing worse then a thief!

  • Billy's avatar

    @Kevin that is my exact view and I have been praying for them. Thank you

  • EPIC's avatar

    @Billy so glad to hear that! Got a lil anxious sharing my perspective on that because its greatly against the grain. But, the Lord put it on my heart to share. Glad I did and I will be praying for you and that individual/s along with you!

  • Brian's avatar

    Man nice cat. Sorry people can suck.

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Billy L


Any thing out doors. hunting all over the country and behind dogs!

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