Conquering the Nemesis: Bagging Two Bufflehead Drake Ducks

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  • Joshua's avatar

    Beautiful ducks! Congrats on finally getting the drakes!

  • Derek's avatar

    I know in a lot of places, this is an easy duck to get, but here in my home state, where duck hunting is very hard to start with, these are difficult to come by, but I really want to get a pigtail. Congratulations on your bucket list duck!

  • Sarah's avatar

    @Derek Thanks! They aren’t usually around this early in the season, or when it’s as warm as it’s been. Assuming some cold weather north of us pushed them in. And yes, they are so easy to get some places…I’ll see pics of a pile of them and it’s so frustrating 🤣🤣 But it finally worked out!!

  • Derek's avatar

    Pintail* auto correct! Haha. Just noticed that.

  • Derek's avatar

    Headed to North Dakota today for a waterfowl hunt. I'm sure we'll see all kinds of ducks that I never see here!

  • Casey's avatar

    👍🏼nice!....this is what I did with a couple of my butterballs from Wisconsin years ago....🤔I'd still like a banded drake canvas back. 🤙🏽

  • Sarah's avatar

    @Casey Very nice! Trying to figure out what pose to show off the colors the best.

  • Bobby's avatar

    Congrats, I have one mounted, they are so pretty

  • Wade's avatar

    Buffleheads are beautiful ducks

  • Bobby's avatar

    @Sarah here is mine, located in center if you blow up pic

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