Conquering the Challenge: Bagging Two Lions in 2018 with an Epic Tree Stand Shot!

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Mountain Lion

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    Do you do a full mount for that beauty

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    I haven’t decided. I’ve got one life size already. But this guy had a huge head and a black nose! I’ll be dippin the skull for sure!

  • Sarah's avatar

    Beautiful...congrats!! I got my first lion in December and it was such an awesome experience.

  • Justin's avatar

    That’s a big one!

  • Verna 's avatar

    Where did you shoot this?

  • Jennifer's avatar


  • Verna 's avatar

    Oh... awesome

  • Jenn's avatar

    Wow! Congrats

  • Kong Valley's avatar


  • Alan's avatar

    Nice young lady congrats 😉

  • Justin's avatar

    Nice, congrats 👍🏻

  • Kirsten's avatar

    Congrats!!!! That’s a dream hunt!!!

  • Robert's avatar

    Congrats big lion

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Jennifer F


Montana girl born and raised! Proud hunter, Mama & wife. Conservationist. Lover of the mountains and of all things outdoors. Teaching my babies how to survive & love all of the opportunities we have. Nothing but respect for our public lands.

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