Confronting Illegal Hunting and Baiting on Public Land: A Frustrating Day in the Outdoors

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    It’s annoying when people do that. I see the same things on public land where I do some hunting. It’s great to see other people have success but not when they’re doing unlawful things

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    For sure I would love for that guy and his kiddo to get deer but let’s do it the right way and teach our kids the right way to do things I got my first deer in my 20s after years of hunting and it was amazing and I feel they get robbed of that feeling if they ain’t doing it the right way

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    I’m sorry for those of us (that majority) who hunt ethically, as soon as I stepped out I would have provided a tip to the EPO the next Skippy and Jr. Had would have ended that lesson. Sucks for y’all but I personally put in to much time and effort scouting and ground/pounding to let that type of thing slide. Thankfully I’ve only contacted an EPO for a similar occasion once. Good luck and hopefully those 2 are removed from that area asap!

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    @John didn’t realize they had dumped corn till they were gone but we did report it

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    Good on ya, that would have definitely chapped my behind. Lol. Some people.

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Josh K


Love spending time with my wife,kiddos,family,friends. bow hunting and being out doors as much as life will allow

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