Alligator Hunting at a Bargain

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    Check out Townsend and Sons out of Labelle Florida. I’m not sure on lodging but gators start at 600.00 for a 6 1/2-7 1/2’ and go up from there. They were the cheapest we found and they’re great guys. We bought two for that price but they let us catch a couple monsters and release them. Also scored a bonus 5 1/2’Iguana for free. The processing is included and you will get your gator back. They’re great folks. They also have hog and Turkey hunts as well

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    @Justin thank you sir I’m hoping to find someone with a buddy who will do it at a good deal but that definitely isn’t bad

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    @Colton they do have cabins but I’m not sure on the price to

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    @Justin just mapped it I have family about an hour away

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    @Colton that’s what we did to. I have in laws in Cape Coral

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    My best advice is to find someone you can hook up with for a gator hunt down south. You get drawn for a tag you can definitely find someone to take you

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Colton J


Just like doing stuff outside lol

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