Saving a Cold Duck: GOWILD!

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  • @Cory

  • Cory's avatar

    @Colleen (DaDuckLady) Donohue dangerous acts!!! That tail whip though! 😬

  • @Cory haha that was about all the energy he/she had haha

  • Michael's avatar

    you are a badass!! even in the cold I'd have to think twice before pullin a dinosaur out by hand! fb/ig sucks GoWild!!!

  • @Michael haha thank you! I’ve been around these lizards all my life so I have a good idea of where not to stand and which ones not to touch, but if you start handling them when they are younger they get a little easier to handle then the big ones lol… I wouldn’t have done this with a big one!

  • Dave's avatar

    Way to look out for the Wild life Colleen

  • DJ's avatar

    You’re awesome!

  • @Dave thank you sir! With out caring for our wildlife we wouldn’t have wildlife to hunt!! Just doing my part 😬

  • @DJ thank you! So sweet!

  • Brayden's avatar

    Dude! This is wild. Love that GoWild patch on the jacket 😎

  • @Brayden haha thanks! Always trying to live up to GoWild 🤪 and I love my GoWild patches! Have them on more then one thing haha

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Colleen (DaDuckLady) Donohue heck yes! You rock

  • David's avatar

    So just by touching the gator, and pulling him out to check on it they censor it because it thrashed once?! 🤔🙄🙄 Utterly ridiculous as always with all those other platforms.
    My hat off to you for caring enough to check on it and get him away from the road.

  • @David we checked it because it’s been in the same spot in the water since the freeze, usually they go in their holes when it’s cold. This is by our boat area near a highway, he was floating and bumping into the boats and not going underwater. So when he finally went underwater for the first time since we noticed him, I pulled him out to make sure it didn’t look like he was run over at all… you can tell by how they blink, what bones on the back are doing and how it’s legs are… because these guys heal wounds so quickly they can loose a leg in the wild and heal fine… they can also take a prop to the jaw and be fine and live to be huge… but getting hit by a car and mess up spine or brain injury … but he was doing everything normal just moving super slow so we got him back in the water 🤷🏽‍♀️ because I didn’t show the whole video (it’s like 5 minutes long) you don’t have to judge me like all the other social sites but cool bro thanks for commenting

  • David's avatar

    @Colleen (DaDuckLady) Donohue wasn't judging you, was applauding you for helping him. Was judging all those other platforms. Probably could've worded it better. Thanks for checking on him making sure he was ok and getting him to a safer place.👍👊

  • @David sorry haha I guess I’m used to the other social platforms where everyone is judging and trying to say something they don’t know about. I read your comment when I first woke up and probably was just assuming. Thanks for explaining haha I wasn’t doing it for the video I would have done it regardless lol my cousin has been into videoing (even though he sucks) he loves his commentary lol he makes the videos to send to all his buddies at work 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ this video is about 6-7 minutes

  • David's avatar

    @Colleen (DaDuckLady) Donohue yeah don't get me started on those other platforms. Only other one I'm on is fb, and thats just to follow stuff. Only post on two pages on the canal. Really nice communities, alot like here. Utterly ridiculous they flagged it though.
    I'm just glad it turned out good in the end.

  • Justin's avatar

    Hey that’s not a duck! 🤣

  • @Justin 🤣 nope definitely not! We did offer him one but he said no

  • Justin's avatar

    @Colleen (DaDuckLady) Donohue 🤣

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