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Steelhead Trout

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    Wow. Nice job. That’s awesome man 💪💪

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    That's a stud! Congrats.

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    Holy smokes man nice fish. Congrats

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    Very nice!!

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    Epic catch Cody 👊

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    Dang , I’ll bet that was fun reel’in that hog in

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    Holy rusted metal Batman. That is a legendary catch! Well done!! 🤩

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    Nice catch

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    Atttta boiiii! 🙏🏼 Still can’t believe the size of this thing.

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    Congratulations big girl there

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    It’s a monster! Nice !

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  • Congratulations, I’ll get one someday soon.

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    Unbelievable congratulations!

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    One thing about moving to Alaska, I do miss winter steelhead fishing in Oregon.

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    That’s an awesome trout

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Cody A


2021 OKBF Angler of the Year Tournament Angler, Fisherman, Hunter, Provider. Kong Coolers Prostaff Old Town Kayaks Prostaff Follow me on Instagram @codysallison

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