Closing Day Mistakes: Missed Opportunities for Turkey Hunting

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  • Mike's avatar

    Thinking of all those learning points as if they’re stones tipping a scale. And there’s nothing you can do about the weather….

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Mike angry, then humbled, then educated.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Jacob yessir, been all 3 every year.

  • Jacob's avatar

    Shew that sounds like a rough last day bud

  • Brian's avatar

    I didn’t manage to get one this year either. I had a 5 yard chance too. Sometimes these dang birds are just frustrating.

  • Craig's avatar

    Georgia’s season ends tomorrow, this morning I had a bird start gobbling about 60 or 70 yards behind me, he started at 6:25 and gobbled on the limb until 7:55 when he went quiet and never came. I would blamed my calling but I called in a hen and she talked for a while and he didn’t attempt to off that limb. They have a habit of doing their own thing . My good news is that I have taken a good bird this season but plan to give it one more shot in the morning. I don’t know about getting educated but I have been “schooled” several time this season.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Craig yeah, I wish they would follow the script but then I would probably be bored with them after a few seasons. It’s frustrating but still fun to get them talking back.

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Jacob K


Director of Strategic Partnerships for GoWild A bike riding, trail running angler who thinks he’s a hunter from time to time. I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids outside and learning new hobbies. I have legitimate rock skipping skills.

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