Squirrel Hunting with Curs

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  • Tebo Creek's avatar

    We coon and squirrel hunt with curs. Our 13 year old daughter’s cur is also a certified blood tracking dog, as well as her protector and best friend. 😁

  • Clayton's avatar

    Awesome, my cur dog does that too and is also wonderful with my kids

  • Tebo Creek's avatar

    @Clayton nice! Curs are great versatile dogs and fit our style. Welcome to GoWild! 🙂

  • Clayton's avatar

    @MRS agreed and thank you!

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Clayton I have seen a few on here. Hit up @Dustin he gets after the squirrels pretty hard

  • Clayton's avatar

    @Brandon I know him and follow him, thank you though

  • Jackie's avatar

    what kind of curs do you have?

    Those are some lucky dogs! I do not hunt but my mutt is obsessed with squirrels, to the point where I can't even walk her in the woods because she's staring up trees obsessively the whole time. She chases them up trees in our backyard every day.

    Is there any way I can let her get that drive out without hunting?

  • Clayton's avatar

    Mountain curs is what I she.

  • Clayton's avatar

    Mountain curs is what I have. And just to be clear you don’t actually have to shoot anything when they tree it. Most of the time I just let him go to the woods and tree some and come home. Some people think that you kill everything you tree when in reality it’s the opposite. You might already know that but just clarifying for you. That’s the best way to burn energy outside of just taking them hiking or on walks.

  • Caleb's avatar

    You don’t combo those curs?

  • Clayton's avatar

    If you’re asking me if I coon hunt them yes I do

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Clayton S


A loving husband, father, coach and someone who loves the outdoors. My passion is hunting with dogs and sharing the true stories behind it. For the best hound hunting videos on the internet check out my YouTube channel.

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