Skull Hooker Arrives!

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    Wow!!! That so cool!

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    Amazing! That’s one hunt on my wishlist. Good for you!

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    @Rob it was a great experience for sure!! It's always interesting in the small villages of AK, this was no exception! Lots of logistics to get there, sometimes it was a headache, but well worth it in the end!! Some of the best meat I've ever had!!! Great times with great friends and made new ones along the way!!

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    @CJ I have family in Alaska and have been lucky on two occasions and able to hunt while visiting. Both my hunts were probably considered easy Alaskan hunts, but we still had months worth of planning (caribou along the haul road and floating for moose near Fairbanks). I can only imagine what went in to planning your muskox hunt.

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    @Rob yeah any hunt up there takes considerable planning. It's just so remote, it's not like you can just go back a couple miles to town and get what you need. Most of the time even the closest village doesn't have what you need. Everyone up there is pretty reliant on getting supplies from the big cities of Anchorage or Fairbanks. Not much outside of those towns or the internet which obviously doesn't work when out hunting... I'm no longer stationed up there but hope to get a cabin before I retire that I can hunt/fish out of.

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Just a guy that loves the outdoors!!

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