Idaho Wolf Hunt: Fingers Crossed!

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scouting & hunting prep0H 5M
  • Casi's avatar

    That’s some big wolves! Glad he got them down! Good luck on your wolf hunt!

  • Joseph's avatar

    That’s crazy. They are huge. What’s he going to do with them now ??

  • Christian's avatar

    @Casi thanks!!!

  • Christian's avatar

    @Joseph I think he said he will do a mount an a rug

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Christian that’s gonna be crazy looking. Hope you post pictures when ther are done.

  • Mike's avatar

    Man I want to hunt one. Good luck!

  • Brian's avatar

    That's awesome, good luck on your hunt.

  • Christian's avatar

    @Joseph I will do one better and post the ones I get!

  • Christian's avatar

    @Mike thanks man!

  • Christian's avatar

    @Brian thanks!

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Christian I look forward to seeing them. Good luck.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice 💪💪that’s awesome

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Christian C


Just a young buck trying to get more into hunting and fishing and the great outdoors! PS check out my uncle on Facebook he is a quadriplegic who brings awareness and helps other disabled hunters get back out there! His hunting brand is DCB Outdoors. I am trying to get people to help my uncles brand so please message me about gear to help you and him out ! Don’t forget to check out his YouTube page at

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