The Magic of Archery Bows

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    I’m pretty new to hunting and even newer to archery. My first bow (currently my only bow) is an Elite. I obviously don’t have a lot of reference outside of the different ones I tried at the shops, but it just felt the best, if that makes sense. When the shop owner walking me through things didn’t try to upsell me on the Bow Tech that looked cooler, had some bells and whistles, and was a couple hundred dollars more, I figured I wasn’t making a bad choice (and found a good shop)…congrats on that buck! Hopefully I can find that kind of success with my Elite next year.

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    @Eric I have never been able to “settle” on a bow brand. I’ve gone from Bowtech to PSE to BEAR back to bowtech then now I own two elites and wish I had a Hoyt or Mathews lol. I love my Elites but with each company having something so different from one another it’s easy for me to wanna jump ship but these elites are awesome

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    @Chris it’s good to know that I should probably get myself out of the mindset of “I love this bow, my next one has to be another Elite.” I hadn’t tried a PSE or Matthews and didn’t really have anything against the Bear, Bowtech or Hoyt, I just felt better holding, drawing and shooting the elite. That said, one day when I get another bow, I’ll try to keep an open mind. I imagine I’ll have a good bit of a better idea of what I’m doing, feeling and looking for in the bow and that’ll help inform the decision. Until then I just look forward to going out and shooting. Definitely wishing I had gotten into archery much earlier on

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Chris S


I enjoy whitetail hunting in the mountains of north Georgia. Spending time at Church because without God we wouldn’t have any of this!

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