My Mysterious Fossil Find

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Question For The Community
  • Jose's avatar

    Mollusks I think

  • Scotty's avatar

    Snake maybe? Really cool man

  • Billy's avatar

    I have to go with Scotty on it being a snake.

  • Mike's avatar

    That’s a Cephalopod and awesome find man! Octopus and squid family. The soft tissue fossils are rare. Very cool!

  • Rebecca's avatar

    So cool.

  • Luke's avatar

    Medusa’s hair ball!! 🤣

  • Rutsen's avatar

    I can’t tell you what it is but man how neat is it to find a piece like this! We were doing a little mining the other day and I happened upon a beautiful piece of blue topaz with a quartz vein on the side. God sure did make a really neat place for us. Have a great day brother!

  • Karin's avatar

    It may be worth reaching out to the University of Kentucky! You’ve found something pretty cool!

  • Bruce's avatar

    That’s really cool and I’d say super rare.

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