Exploring Fishing with My Son

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Lake Whitefish

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    Congratulations! Have a safe and great vacation down there.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Great photos and I agree with you; this community and all the experience here sure can help when exploring new hobbies.
    Thanks for all the technical troubleshooting you do!

  • Adam D's avatar

    did you ever get a turkey bro?

  • Tom's avatar

    Nice job. Enjoy your time out of the office.

  • Chris's avatar

    @Adam no, but if I’m being honest I kinda fell off. I’d love to get after then spring 2024. You in?

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  • Ferg's avatar

    Solid work dude. Don’t think av ever seen you fishing before.

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Chris brother I just hunt other stuff to kill time until spring turkey rolls back around!

  • Dusty's avatar

    My son and I caught some of those in Alabama about a month ago. They taste awsome!

  • Benita's avatar

    It is amazing being a part of this wonderful community, with all of these salt of the earth people... I've learned so much from everyone here, I can't wait to get started...💛

  • Benita's avatar

    Have the best vacay ever ...😃

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Chris G


Cofounder, Chief Development Officer of GoWild I'm a software developer, a long-time hiker, and have gained a love of turkey hunting and cooking wild game since founding GoWild! When I'm not working on GoWild, you'll find me in the woods or at a playground with my wife and son. I'm also a mediocre crossfitter and semi-often Tough Mudder. If you run into #issues using GoWild, please shoot me a message, I'm happy to help

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