Choosing the Right Magnification for Your Binoculars: Stick with 10x42 or Switch it Up?

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    My recommendation would depend on your use of them. Higher power, larger objectives are great for stabilized use, while lower power, smaller objectives are better for handheld/hunting. If the intended use is similar to your current, and you don’t have “shaky” images, bigger is always better, haha

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    @Mike It’ll most be off-hand stuff. Wasn’t sure if 10x50 would really extend my glassing time by any measurable amount 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    @Jake they do collect a little more light than 42’s, but I’ve found that you really only enjoy that benefit when stabilized. I have a pair of 10x50 Nikon Monarchs that I absolutely love, you wouldn’t be disappointed in 50’s I’m sure

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    I think @Riton are the very best you can get for the price, warrant, service, and clarity. They are 10x42 and work superbly.

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    @DOL I’ll have to look into them! I’m personally a Vortex guy, but that’s largely because I’m a Sconnie 👐🏼

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    @Jake take a look for sure. Nothing wrong with Vortex, I like Riton. If you really want to see the clarity I have a post on IG. PM me if you’d like.

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    I have a pair of 10x42 Vortex Diamondbacks and absolutely love them. I compared them to three other brands in their price range and they by far had the best clarity and closest focus. Can't beat the warranty either. They replaced the eye cups no charge when I inadvertently ripped them off.

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