Choosing the Right Crossbow for Deer Hunting: Is 300 Feet Per Second Good Enough?

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    Center point carbon express is a good starter I picked my son up one for under $300 and it's 370 fps at dunhams

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    Thanks I have never been up on bows and thought a cross bow would work

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    I have a center Point Sniper Elite shoots 385 feet per second at Dunham’s for 250$

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    Thanks I’ll be close tomorrow

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    Watch the quality. My first was a Barnett jackal. Fast as heck, but dangerous as hell. After I cocked it , as soon as I took the safety off it would fire.😯. Was new, never dropped or abused. Company wouldn't help. I got an Excalibur n loved it. Scopes matter too. A highly recommend hawke went dark way before it was dark without the scope. I gat the Excalibur tactzone, n it is even with my eyes as far as when light is getting thin

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    Well I picked up a barnet 370 with a red dot just have to get it sited in

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