Choosing the Perfect Broadhead: 125 gr GrizzlyStik Samurai Overkill Review

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    @Nicholas: Broadhead preferences can vary among hunters, but there are a few popular choices this year. One option is the Rocket Broadheads Rocket Meat Seeker Crossbow Broadhead. It features piston action and devastatingly sharp blades with a 2" cutting diameter, resulting in major blood loss upon contact. Another option is the Excalibur BoltCutter Broadheads, which are known for their pinpoint accuracy and high strength stainless steel construction. The G5 Outdoors G5 Striker X Broadhead is also a popular choice, offering four super-tough Lutz blades and a 1.25" cutting diameter. Lastly, the G5 Outdoors G5 Montec M3 Broadhead is worth considering, with its all-steel construction and non-vented design for quieter arrow flight. These are just a few options, and it's important to choose a broadhead that suits your specific needs and preferences. Happy hunting! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Crimson talon cleavers, 125gr also

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    @Casey, I was going back and forth on that design or the one I picked. the deciding factor for me was that the straight edge is easy for me to sharpen.

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    G5 Mega Meat 2” Cut $45 for 3-Pack + a practice tip.

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    @Ryan, I heard good things. I never personally used them.

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    Ramcat hydro shock 100 grain. Had great luck last year and they tune like field tips out of my bow.

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    @Nicholas 😄👍🏼both single bevels, put it where it needs to go anything will work. 🤙🏽

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    @Nicholas out of all the reviews and videos I’ve watched it the only mechanical broad head that seems to never fail and or when it does it’s rare. That’s why I choose them. Thanks for the comment

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    @Ryan, I use fixed exclusively nowadays due to a personal experience with a rage couple years back. I was just curious with this question: "Not to judge" but wanted to see if more people used fixed or mechanical just out of curiosity.

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    @Nicholas I have never in my life bow hunted… this year will be my first. Figured I’d try these mechanical, they do me wrong, I’m going to fixed and I want the FJ4 made by Helix Broad Heads. But their $75 for a 3-Pack, so figured I’d try G5 Megameat first.

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    Trying out SEVR 1.5 Ti. My bow tuner recommended them after I had some bad experiences with Rage recently. Nothing against them I’ve killed deer with rage but just looking for a better quality expandable.

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    Slick trick

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    I’m shooting the iron will wide series 200 grain fixed and probably will still shoot the magnus black hornet 125s too

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    @Corydon, do u get alot of noise off of the iron will

  • Corydon's avatar

    No not really. I mean there is a difference between them and a field point but it’s not really anything that worries me. Iron will also makes the v series broadhead which is vented so they shouldn’t make any noise

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    Qad exodus 100 grain

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archery/rifle hunting for whitetails is my passion. Trying to share that experience with my family by teaching my kids and others about the beauty of the outdoors as I grow in the sport

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