Childhood Dream Realized: Bagging the Deer I Always Wanted

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Whitetail Buck

  • compound bow
  • 2
    antler tines
  • private
    land type
  • 20
    distance (yards)
  • Wayne's avatar

    That's awesome man, did you full body mount it or have hide tanned?

  • Dalton's avatar

    @Wayne full body mount! Was always my rule if i wouldn’t shoot one if I didn’t get a full body mount haha.

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Dalton Nice can't wait to see a picture of that.

  • Dalton's avatar

    Turned out awesome

  • Dalton's avatar

    @Wayne here it is

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Dalton Man that is so awesome. Such a beautiful pelt on him. If I ever get one I was wanting to make a throw for my bed or couch with it.

  • Dalton's avatar

    @Wayne thanks I thought it was always just gonna be a dream. Couldn’t believe my eyes when it came through the woods. It was pricey but definitely worth the money

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Dalton oh and can imagine, but like you said be worth every penny. Everything someone see's it you'll get to relive that day.

  • Dalton's avatar

    @Wayne I missed a giant 8 what would’ve been my best buck about 15 minutes after and I wasn’t even mad hahaha

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Dalton Haha yea you can get a night buck anytime. You'll go your whole life lookin for another one like him.

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