Harvesting a Non-Typical Buck

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Whitetail Buck

  • shotgun
  • 9
    antler tines
  • private
    land type
  • 40
    distance (yards)
  • Kayla's avatar

    Is this rare for them to hold onto their velvet? I’m guessing so? But I could be wrong

  • Cheyenne's avatar

    @Kayla it’s a cactus Buck, that means they never shed thier antler or loose velvet, they don’t even rutt, that’s why it is so rare

  • Colton's avatar

    @Kayla somewhat rare for sure, I think it’s a testosterone related issue.

  • Cheyenne's avatar

    @Colton it didn’t have testicles.

  • Kayla's avatar

    @Cheyenne I just learned something thank you!! Very cool buck!

  • Cheyenne's avatar

    @Kayla thanks!!!

  • Chris's avatar

    That is super cool!!

  • Zach's avatar

    What a trophy! So cool! Congrats!!🤜🤛💪👍

  • Cheyenne's avatar

    @Zach thanks!!!

  • Laney's avatar

    congratulations awesome buck

  • Jim's avatar

    Wow!! I’m almost 58 that just goes to show you learn something every day!! Awesome! 👊👍🏻 Congrats

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