Chasing the State Record: Bull Trout Caught on the Line

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  • Robert's avatar

    Nice bud

  • Justin's avatar

    Dang that things massive

  • John's avatar


  • Ricky's avatar

    High quality fish right there

  • Jonathan's avatar

    Was it attained? What is the state record for bull trout and what did that guy end up being

  • Joe's avatar

    Holy hell

  • Donovan's avatar

    Wow. Nice wor James 👍

  • Cody's avatar

    Yeah, what is state record and what’s that one?

  • Glen's avatar

    Not bad

  • James's avatar

    @Cody this was 29” and state record is 37”

  • James's avatar

    @Jonathan this fish was 29” and the state record is 37”

  • Peter's avatar


  • Jacob's avatar

    That's one happy man!

  • Cody's avatar

    @James holy mother of trout that would be a big fish

  • Jayson's avatar

    @James where were you fishing at?

  • James's avatar

    @Jayson I would be doing a disservice to both the fishery and to you if I said where I was fishing. I’ll happily explain techniques and tactics for any of the hunting and fishing that I do, but locations remain confidential.

  • Jayson's avatar

    @James I’m just wondering what state, not looking for any secret honey holes.

  • Jonathan's avatar

    @James you truly inspire me to push the envelope more and more day to day sir... absolute slob of a fish. When I grow up I wanna be like you haha

  • James's avatar

    @Jonathan 🥃🥃🥃

  • Lacey's avatar


  • Coyote's avatar

    I hope you get the record. How close are you?

  • James's avatar

    @Coyote I fell 4” short

  • Coyote's avatar

    4 inches is really close.

  • James's avatar

    I’ll give them another run again. I know there is a fish in the river that will cross the line.

  • Ludwig's avatar

    Probably caught it in the hatchery that is so lame

  • James's avatar

    @Ludwig the bull trout hatchery? Does it look like he is missing an adipose fin? Go have a cup of milk.

  • Glen's avatar

    @James your suppose to say in the lake or in the water.

  • Steven's avatar

    Very nice!!! Congrats!!

  • Ludwig's avatar

    @James it’s ok

  • Mariah's avatar

    Awesome! Congrats

  • Holden's avatar

    That thing is a beast! Pursuing it on the fly?

  • James's avatar

    @Holden this fish fell for a 4.5 Maglips I had painted with glow-in-the-dark spray.

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