Chasing the Dream: Finding One Horn, the Elusive Ram in the Valley

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    Love your dedication to the hunters man👊

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    @Mike Thank you!

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    Great picture. Congratulations

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    What caliber?

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    @Trevynn .280 Ackley

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    This pic reminds me of an area where my wife and I had to camp after hiking up the wrong drainage for an hour. Also on federal land in Alaska.

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    It’s hard work hunting sheep but the reward is worth every bit of pain!

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    @Lyn killer story! Your spot on that guys save for years just to have the chance at these animals. Good job trusting your instinct and not giving up! Extra bonus your hunters punched a, saved for/ hard earned, tag! Great writing too! If you’ve got stories of your hunts and guided hunts you should consider writing them down, if not only for posterity sake to know you but perhaps it will help some inexperienced guy like me 😉

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    @Lyn yes I’m aware you keep us up to date on post what I’m saying is consider writing a book! These huts are epic!

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    @Joe it’s all writing from journals. And yes one day there will be at least a book on my sheep hunts! 😃

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    @Joe Thank you!

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    Sounds like an incredible hunt!

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    My son and I did brooks range a few years ago. Saw lots of ewes. Smaller rams. Then ran into several small groups of hunters. Decided to try something different. It was exciting to say the least.

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    @Lyn I have asked myself why not journal . Also since I see more people doing it. Video your hunts so you have a record of it. My son decided to do that. He lives in Alaska. Now he has a you tube channel as well.

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Lyn H


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