My Lyme Disease Journey

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    Red head would challenge that! So I did. Today I am hunting, Fishing, doing everything I can to enjoy what life I have left! I could face being in a wheelchair the rest of my life at any time. This disease has hindered a lot, taken a lot and damaged my body. But with God and my hubby by my side and again the stubborn gal I am, I will prove them wrong and I have! This isn't a post to feel sorry for me or sympathy this post is to share awareness, tips advice and comfort to maybe someone else out there suffering with something. When life throws us lemons what should we do? Shoot em with our arrows, keep trucking, that's what I say! So please stay safe out there my friends, stay protected and educate yourselves. Us outdoorsy folks are at a much higher risk. Please feel free to take a bit out of lyme "lime" look it up and check out the details and show some support. Thanks for letting me share and God bless!

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    My son had a similar experience but his was ehrliciosis, he fought it for months and he still has problems with it occasionally if his body gets to run down or overexerted he will relapse for a few weeks and this happened over 10 years ago. Glad your doing better, good luck to you

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    @John sorry to hear that for your son. It's definitely not fun or easy. That is one of the many co-infections I was diagnosed with. Thank you and same to you and your son! Stay safe out there!

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    I used to hate ticks. Now I REALLY hate them. Wow. Glad you made it back to where you’re at! 💪👊

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    @Mike me too! Thank you! Be safe out there

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Charity D


Avid outdoorsy chick from Southern IN. Married to not only my best friend but my hunting and fishing partner! We do it all together and God always gets the praise for allowing us to grow, harvest and be free to enjoy what we do and feed the family too!

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