Celebrating Thanksgiving with Firearms, Ammo, and Tannerite: A Family Tradition

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  • Donovan's avatar

    💥 I wish. Celebrate with a bang!

  • Alyssa's avatar

    @Donovan sure did!

  • Chuck's avatar

    We will have the annual exploding pumpkin/tannerite ritual this weekend!

  • Jacob's avatar

    Any country family gathering in bama involves wild game and guns.... lol. All of my family's do.

  • Coyote's avatar

    I’m actually the opposite. It’s something to get me to shoot targets. To me the only shooting that should be done is sighting in or verifying if you can make a shot before you try in on a living animal. Other than that if a bullet isn’t sent to kill it’s wasting ammo. That being said I have wasted a small amount of ammo. I will again cause there’s this spot I know of where there’s this not to awful large rock 730 yards out. But to just go out and shoot targets in general, no I won’t do that.

  • Alyssa's avatar

    @Chuck now that sounds like fun

  • Alyssa's avatar

    @Jacob so true 😂

  • Alyssa's avatar

    @Coyote b o r i n g.

  • Chuck's avatar

    We love to burn powder, they make more ammo every day.

  • Coyote's avatar

    Yeah I know. I’m still gonna find out just how close to that 730 yard rock I can put a bullet. I don’t mind shooting a few rounds at longer distances with my 223. I’m pretty good at what I call my “right about there” shots. Those are just guessing knowing my rifle without knowing the ballistics information needed to compensate for drop and drift accurately. I just get a range, consider wind and put my crosshair “right about there” then send it.

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Alyssa the highest and best use for pumpkins post Thanksgiving

  • Levi's avatar

    That sounds like fun! We usually go out and fill any left over tags.

  • Craig's avatar

    Sadly, no.

  • Darrell's avatar

    Usually just verifying zeros for hunting

  • Trenton's avatar

    Heck yeah

  • Gregg's avatar

    Yup every year.

  • Chuck's avatar

    Just posted a video of our annual exploding of the pumpkins from today

  • Stephen's avatar

    That’s a great looking rifle your holding! Love it! 👍👊

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