Celebrating My Beautiful Wife's Birthday with Adventures and Crazy Times

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    Happy birthday young lady

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    🫢 you’re never supposed to tell your ladies age

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    🎈 Happy happy Birthday to you!! Here is to many many more to come, packed full of those adventures! And pst, @Eddie I am proud of my age and the time I've walked on the earth. I tell people all the time I'm 54. 🤣 I figure if they don't like it, they can always turn around and walk away. I gave up competing yearsssss ago. Always someone hotter, someone better. Lol. 😜

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    @Lisa when I saw your picture I said no way I honestly thought late 20’s before I finished reading what your King said anyway have a Happy Birthday and GOWILD !

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    @Eddie lol! Love it! Thanks! Wish my knees thought like you did!🤣 Welcome to the GoWild Fam too, btw 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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    Happy birthday

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From Field T

Southern California

Jeremiah Doughty, Wild game chef, outdoors writer, Husband, father and Christ follower. The real trophy is not the head on your wall, but the meat on your plate.

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