Catching a Tunafish in the Mississippi River: Kyle's Epic Fishing Adventure Shooting a Limit of Ducks: Kyle's Successful Deer Hunting Story Mastering Duck Calls with a French Accent: The Unique Skill of Kyle Missing a Giant Buck: Kyle's Bold Experiment in Hunting @Appalachian Assassin: Unveiling the Legend of the Most Interesting Hunter in the Woods

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  • Shaun's avatar

    True story!!!!

  • Steven's avatar

    Is this going to be a trend like chuck norris jokes?

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Steven I was hoping so... add a verse!

  • Steven's avatar

    @Kyle He once bagged a limit of squirrels. . . . . with a super soaker

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Steven Yeah! Keep 'm coming!不

  • Appalachian's avatar

    不不不 Whatever man 不 With a little luck I'll be under 1000 mallards in a cut bean field in North Dakota in the morning We finally found a good feed right as the snow blew in this evening. There were a couple hundred snows and specs in there too

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Kyle S


Recently moved to Oahu and am excited to learn about the new opportunities here. I came to hunting late in life and really enjoy getting new people involved. I taught Hunters Education and the International Bowhunter's Education Program in Virginia and take people out on mentored hunts wild game and edible mushrooms.

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