Canning Fun in the Cold!

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    I'd love to participate in that. Surprisingly enough, I don't know anyone personally that cans. I think my sister has done it before, but I'm not all sure she knows what she's doing.🤣 Neat your 7 year old seemed to enjoy it. Love this.
    Oh, did you see Nate Dodsons video he posted yesterday? There in Nebraska I believe he mentioned they have -45°! 😳😱🥶🥶 Crazy! He had to scrape ice off the bottom hooves of 2 older🐎's.

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    @Lisa yes I saw his video but had hard time reading his lips lol 😆 it was-15 yesterday right now it’s 0. Tomorrow be high 40 finally. My animals are doing good in this artic cold. I was worried the most about the dogs and the chickens. I bought a bunch of straws and stuffed in their big dog house and chicken coop.

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    Do they make devices that you can plug into one's phone and it displays the words? Your chickens and dogs sound like you have made them all cozy.

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    @Lisa hmm no idea. That’s good question.

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Casi N


Deaf hunter. Love to hunt in the mountain and the eastern plains, camping, fishing, atv riding, and hiking. Blessed to be in God beautiful country when I can get out there! I'm also a cattle rancher. Hard working mom of 2 boys.

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