Capturing the Majestic Sunset in the Rockies: Share Your Stunning Sunrise/Sunset Photos

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    Morning sunrise deer hunt

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    Not recent but one of my favorite. Summer July few years ago

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    @Wade Man that is beautiful! It reminds me of when I would visit family back east.

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    @Casi I like it! Those colors and clouds look really nice together.

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    @Karaca That is absolutely beautiful! Canada is one of the prettiest countries I’ve ever seen. One of my dreams, is to travel across Canada. And see all of your beautiful parks and countryside. My favorite author is a Canadian nature author named Andy Russell. If you’re into reading those types of books, I would strongly recommend him.

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    @Wild I have the opposite dream about travelling south of the northern states that border us lol. Wet have great parks- ours in northern Ontario aren’t as great as the mountains in bc though

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    @Karaca I know it’s not technically in BC, but it’s hard to beat banff. North and South America are beautiful continents. I’ve traveled from Montana to South America. The variety of people and culture is amazing.

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Wild C


Our family lives in the middle of nowhere next to nothing in the Rocky Mountains. Check out Wild Colorado Mom to see my wife’s page. (I’m a professional cinematographer that specializes in outdoor videos)

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