Capturing the Action Leap of a Monster Buck: A Photographer's Dream Come True

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  • Zach's avatar

    Wow what a stud! Ans congrats on an awesome photo shot!🤜🤛👍📷

  • Jim's avatar

    Awesome capture!

  • Adam's avatar

    Man, that's a cool picture.

  • Brad's avatar

    Beautiful shot!

  • Joshua's avatar

    Just wondering did you get to harvest as well

  • Dominick's avatar

    @Joshua I did not, but someone else did. I normally don't hunt while I photograph, and vice versa.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Dominick at least someone got to thing was a beast

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Dominick that’s a ny deer

  • Dominick's avatar

    @Joshua I wish! South Texas. I spent a week out there in November.

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Dominick that was a decent time I’m sure I was gonna say their bigger then I remembered lol

  • Lisa's avatar

    He is a gorgeous boy!
    Bucket list ✔️
    Congrats 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • awesome shot, as always man!!

  • Stephen's avatar

    Awesome Buck! Great Picture!

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Dominick G

New York

Professional Wildlife Photographer | Hunter | IG: |

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