A Blessed Squirrel Hunt

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  • Tom's avatar

    Nice job. Congratulations

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Tom Thank you. Has got me wondering for deer season if I act like I’m squirrel hunting, will getting deer be easier.

  • Tom's avatar

    I figure if your deer hunting you’ll see nothing but squirrels and vice versa. Sooooo yeah I think that’ll work.

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Tom Ever tried it? How did it go?

  • Tom's avatar

    @Cameron can’t say I have but I know I can get a lot closer to turkeys if I’m not hunting them. I think they can sense it.

  • Dave's avatar

    Hey nice picture, looks like that guy fell in love with your shot gun 😂, congratulations!

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Dave Yeah, was trying to position him for a good photo and he ended up looking like he was hugging the shotgun. Lol

  • Corey's avatar

    I have Grandmas squirrel pot pie recipe. It’s really good.

  • Dave's avatar

    @Corey #layitonusman

  • Corey's avatar

    @Dave Okay. Gotta right it down. I just keep it saved in me noggin!

  • Dave's avatar

    😂 thanks ; no worries but it’s a good idea to write it down to pass on to your grand children.

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Cameron B

South Carolina

Saved by the grace of God at seven, ground/stalking hunter; Appalachian and BlueRidge Mountain hunter; helper to others in finding places to hunt in the mountains and other places.

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